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Tommy Robinson achieved a significant victory in court, where the judge criticized the Metropolitan Police for substantial errors in fact. The confusion stemmed from dispersal orders issued at different times and locations, compounded by alterations made post-dispersal by a senior police officer, who allegedly has dyslexia. This particular case of what appears to be politically motivated persecution against Tommy Robinson has concluded, at least for now.

There were notable inconsistencies and an illegal arrest of Tommy Robinson in London on November 26, which demand scrutiny. The coverage—or lack thereof—by the media is also telling. Mainstream narratives might lead one to believe that Robinson’s legal victory was merely due to a ‘technicality,’ specifically a wrong date on police paperwork. This oversimplification undermines the complexity and significance of the actual judicial findings.

Here’s what some media outlets reported:

These snippets suggest a predetermined narrative favoured by the controlled and heavily editorialised corporate media.

For a deeper understanding, a video by barrister Daniel J Shensmith provides insights that the media overlooked. Watch the video above

Tommy Robinson is now positioned to sue the Metropolitan Police for wrongful arrest, promising further developments. The judge’s decision to find no case to answer not only spared the Met Police from additional embarrassment but also vindicated Robinson. However, this might not be apparent unless one looks beyond the headlines and explores the full context of the case.

You can find the full ruling by the judge below.

Read for yourselves, don’t take our word for it.

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