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Tommy Robinson and Urban Scoop’s Successful Event on June 1st: A Patriotic Display Against Two-Tier Policing

On June 1st, Tommy Robinson and Urban Scoop orchestrated a remarkable event that saw tens of thousands of patriots from all walks of life gather in a unified display of solidarity and national pride. This diverse assembly of citizens, representing various colours, creeds, classes, and religions, marched from Victoria Station to Parliament Square to voice their discontent with biased policing practices under Met Commissioner Mark Rowley’s leadership.

The march was a vibrant spectacle of patriotism, with a sea of red, white, and blue flags, including those of the United States and the United Kingdom, alongside flags symbolizing pre-Islamic theocracy Iran, Israel, and the Gadsden flag. This colourful and dynamic display highlighted the participants’ commitment to British culture and values, underscoring a collective call for justice and fair policing.

A Documentary Like No Other

At the heart of the event was the screening of the new documentary LAWFARE. This documentary delves into the concept of two-tier policing and expands on the broader issue of a weaponized justice system that, according to the organisers, unjustly controls people’s lives. The documentary served as a critical focal point for the day’s narrative, shedding light on the disparities in how different groups are policed and treated under the law.

Keynote speakers added significant weight to the event, with prominent figures such as Laurence Fox, Mahyar Tousi, Carl Benjamin, and Gerard Batten addressing the crowd. Each speaker brought their unique perspective, reinforcing the event’s themes of justice, fairness, and patriotism. Video messages from influential personalities like Katie Hopkins, Father Calvin Robinson, Sammy Woodhouse and June Slater further amplified the event’s message, reaching out to those who could not attend in person but shared the movement’s sentiments.

We Are The Media

A notable feature of the event was the inclusion of independent media on stage. This gesture was a recognition of their relentless efforts to uncover and disseminate truth, standing in stark contrast to what the organisers described as the “corporatized manufactured narratives of mainstream media.” By giving these independent journalists a platform, the event underscored the importance of diverse and uncensored voices in the media landscape as opposed to controlled, highly politicised and editorialised sanitation or subversion of the truth.

The culmination of the event was a powerful call to action: the campaign to force Mark Rowley to resign due to his politicised and two-tier policing practices. This demand resonated deeply with the crowd, who felt that justice and fairness should be the cornerstone of policing in the capital city.

A Patriotic Conclusion

Overall, the event was not only a protest but a celebration of Britishness, British culture, and values. It was conducted in a safe, joyous, and orderly manner, reflecting our commitment to a positive and impactful demonstration. The overwhelming turnout and the passionate speeches highlighted the British peoples desire for a fair and just society, free from biased policing and a weaponised justice system. We thank every single one of you who attended.

Make sure you put the 27th of July in your diaries, we have more work to do, we have only just started.

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