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The Marriage Of Political Islam And Marxism On Cambridge Campus?

Urban Scoops’ Danny Roscoe recently visited Cambridge to engage with students and faculty members protesting outside Cambridge College and University. These students have been actively demonstrating against the ongoing conflict in Palestine and calling for divestment from Israel. Roscoe, known for his commentary on social and political issues, came to listen to the concerns of the student activists.

The protestors, who have been camped outside the institution, are advocating for the university to withdraw investments from companies linked to Israel due to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Middle East.

In addition to engaging with the students, Roscoe also spoke with college and university lecturers who were there supporting the students in their political activism. Is there a marriage of political Islam and Marxism on Cambridge campus?

Article 7 of the Hamas Charter, which calls for the destruction of Israel and has been widely condemned for its anti-Semitic language, was not widely known or discussed among the protestors, one can only guess why? This lack of awareness highlighted a gap in the discourse surrounding the protest, pointing to the need for a more comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand.

Danny also observed that he was only allowed to speak to “authorised people,” which gave him the impression that both students and lecturers were “controlling the narrative.” This restriction raised concerns about the openness of the dialogue and the potential suppression of dissenting viewpoints.

Additionally, the October 7th terror attack by Hamas, which has had significant implications for the Israel-Palestine conflict was never even discussed. This event underscored the complexity of the situation and the urgent need for informed activism.

Danny remarked on the marriage of political Islam and Marxist ideology infiltrating institutions of great learning, such as Cambridge. He expressed concerns that this ideological blend is shaping narratives and influencing the academic environment. The interaction highlighted the importance of education in fostering nuanced perspectives on complex global issues and the need for open, inclusive discussions free from ideological control.

Unfortunately ideological control seems to play a huge part in academia, the consequences of which could be terrible for Britain’s future generations.

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