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Facebook REFUSES to Ban Adult-Child “Dating” Groups

Facebook Reluctance to Ban Group Titled “Dating Site for 9-18 Year Olds”

Thursday evening, exhausted from a gruelling day at work, “S” finally returned home craving a moment of relaxation. Before unwinding for the night, she decided to glance through her recent messages. Among them, she stumbled upon an image of a freshly unveiled “woke” East Anglia train that had recently hit the tracks. Frustration bubbling up, she felt compelled to share this news. With a sigh, she opened up Facebook and hit the “post” button.

After sharing it with her friends and followers, she sees the grotesque pop-up advert suggesting she join a FB group, “Dating Site for 9-18 Year Olds.” She was shocked and appalled. She didn’t hesitate. She opens up Telegram, and forwards the screenshots to her daughter, Sydney Jones. Sydney is a citizen journalist, and creator behind “The Grey Area.”

At the bottom of this article, I’ve included a video from “S” which proves the insistence of FB in constantly promoting the group chat to her.

In a video call, Sydney shows me one of the admins of this group, Yosaf Muhammad, is the founder of another FB group called “Dating for 10 – 18 years old.”

Facebook REFUSES to Ban Adult-Child "Dating" Groups

Some of the messages uncovered by Urban Scoop shows adult men using this group in search of a young prepubescent child. For example, one account, Star Gee, said, “Am looking for a 12 year old boy.” Looking through his FB account, one of his previous profile pictures was of a pre-teen male wearing makeup, with what looks-to-be a makeshift erection.

Facebook REFUSES to Ban Adult-Child "Dating" Groups

Other messages, exposed by The Grey Area, show people like Joe Boden, “Looking for a gf that’s 13,” and message “looking for a gf the ages of 9 – 11” from Pedro Smith.

Facebook REFUSES to Ban Adult-Child "Dating" Groups
Facebook REFUSES to Ban Adult-Child "Dating" Groups

A cocky “Deepanshu Mittal” from India actually shared what he looked like, clarifying his age as “18+” claiming he was looking for a girlfriend.

Facebook REFUSES to Ban Adult-Child "Dating" Groups

In looking for evidence that children actually use this chat, we came across a young girl posting a picture of herself with the caption “Looking for friends in the US.”

Facebook REFUSES to Ban Adult-Child "Dating" Groups

After collecting an abundance of evidence, reports from Sydney and a humongous amount of people online, was swiftly submitted to FB with the hope of the groups being taken down – however, this isn’t how the internet works.

I remember back to the golden days of Trump, when I first started producing content under the pseudonym The Welsh Red Pill (this channel has since been banned). I remember seeing everyone kicking off on Twitter over this account they found which weirdly wasn’t accessible by typing it into the search bar – you had to physically post the username, and click the tag in order to access it. Doing this would bring you across an abundance of child pornography. Thousands of people reported this to the FBI and Twitter, but it was days before they did anything. Yet, if you posted a mildly “offensive” tweet or suggested something pro-Trump, you would land yourself in Twitter jail… permanently.

This situation is shockingly similar. Except, FB, or Meta, is a tad more obvious in their intentions and stuck in their ways. Despite FBs “strict” age guidelines prohibiting anyone from under 13 using the app, they thought it was acceptable for a dating group to exist for 10-18 year olds. The response to their reports was; “We didn’t remove the group. To keep our review process as fair as possible, we use the same set of Community Standards to review all reports. We’ve taken a look and found that the group doesn’t go against our Community Standards.”

For a “platform” that bans people constantly for “medical misinformation,” they seem to have a hard time being as quick to action when it comes to safeguarding children.

Sydney Jones then posted this to Twitter, hoping her audience could unify together in stopping this heinous group. It wasn’t long after posting that the Met Police got in contact.

Though with their years arresting Tommy for exposing paedophiles, I bet you can imagine how helpful they were. The post reads; “Good evening Sydney, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Due to this being on a social media platform we have very little access to remove the account.”

Facebook REFUSES to Ban Adult-Child "Dating" Groups

I wonder how many people within these group chats are based in the UK. Because I bet at least a few of them are. The Met Police watch every single post made by myself or SAT. Last year, they even turned up at my parents house, in uniform, on a busy Saturday night, to tell me off for daring to use the politically correct term “undocumented alien” in an expose of yet another migrant hotel. This phrase is extraordinarily tame for me, and yet they still turned up at my house for that.

If they can take their time out of their day with the use of “Local Intel Officers” to research me, watch all of my videos (no one had complained about the above wording, they found it on their own), and turn up at my parents house on a busy Saturday evening in Cardiff, then they have time to investigate and research a group that is potentially grooming children and is a gateway for old perverted men to rape little defenceless children.

Not only are they not planning on conversing with Meta for the removal of the content, they are not even going to investigate it, even in the face of nine year olds, and potentially younger, children being targeted by paedophiles.

With the determination of proving this group is being used to groom children, she made a fake account, “I made a fake Facebook profile posing as a 13 year old just ‘looking for friends’ since in the description [of the group] it says ‘friends and love’… within a minute I got a friend request from a Kannan Kannan asking for my age. I said ‘I’m 13’ and he said he’s 19, and he asked if I like sex pretty quickly.” The messages for these chats are posted down below. In this conversation, the paedophile had admitted to sexually assaulting a child before;

They have started the process of mass-reporting this to the FBI. We have linked everything below, if you wish to join in mass-reporting this group being used as a hub for paedophiles.

Sydney said:

“I think it’s absolutely abhorrent that my mum got asked to partake in a voluntary interview with police – though it wasn’t voluntary, she would’ve got arrested if she refused – for saying that someone online had hairy legs. They put their time and effort into arresting people who say something like that, they should be putting their effort into protecting the innocence and minds of children, and tracking these paedophiles, and instead of the police doing it, we have countless paedo sting groups, instead of the people who are supposed to protect us doing it.”

I find no objection to agreeing wholeheartedly with the above. We live in a society that pretends to be so incredibly “virtuous,” yet underneath all that bravado are narcissistic individuals who only care about their appearance, social status, and attention seeking. As long as they look good for having “Ukraine” in their bio, or the LGBTQ flag as their profile picture, it absolves them from the need to do any actual work, or to ever really truly care about important things. Why is it that police will turn up at your house over a Twitter meme, but remain reluctant to do anything when there are vulnerable and impressionable children on a public forum, being groomed online? What is the cost of allowing this to happen? What is the cost of this institutionalised apathy? Well, ultimately children could have their innocence stripped away by predatory paedophiles, maybe they could lose their lives to these sick individuals? I dare not think too much more about it, but I’m sure you get what I mean, the consequences are extremely serious, far more serious than hurt feelings over a meme.

While writing this, one of the FB pages has been taken down. However, there are still many more that plague the site with their existence. Down below I will link every FB page currently being used for child grooming.

There is another group; “16’s and below dating,” which has been used to share videos of a sexual nature. FB has, again, refused to remove these pages. Please help us get these taken down.

Report this to the FBI: https://tips.fbi.gov/violation-category-selection

Other FB groups in dire need of being removed:

16s and below dating group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/870142513752456/

Teens friendships (LGBT friendly!!) 13-18 : https://www.facebook.com/groups/870142513752456/

Age of 13 to 20 friend group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/602510997749119

10 -12 year olds only: https://www.facebook.com/groups/496867207026517

9years old up to 14years old: https://www.facebook.com/groups/289280340444833

Teen dating and friendship group only 13–19 here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1605833669456119

Teen Dating 13 – 21 Official: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1379408842101344

Teenagers Only 13 to 21 Official Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/229731370555685

Teens 13-16 Dating Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/444719099878980

Teen group age 13 to 19: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1286655522012355

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