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1st June 2024 - March Against Two-Tier Policing in London

Join us on June 1st in London for a powerful march against two-tier policing, led by Tommy Robinson.

This event is a call to action for justice and equality in our policing system. We demand an end to biased enforcement and unequal treatment under the law.

Together, we will make our voices heard and stand united against injustice. Bring your friends, family, and signs as we march through the streets of London. Let’s show our strength in numbers and our commitment to fair policing for all.

  • Stand up against discriminatory policing practices.
  • Demand equal treatment under the law. – Support Tommy Robinson’s leadership in this crucial cause.

Details For The March

  • 12pm meet at at Victoria Station in London

  • March Starts at 1pm

  • Arrive at Parliament Square for 2pm

Full details in the video below

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