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FINALLY!!! – An ARREST Made In Telford

An arrest was finally made in Telford on the back of our investigation into child rapists.

Unfortunately Telford Police arrested a member of our surveillance team, NOT an alleged child rapist and drug dealer.

We knew that our investigation in Telford would bring some heat, that is to be expected. The people of Telford (especially the weak and the most vulnerable) have been intimidated into submission by a criminal, drug dealing, child raping and prostitution gang for decades.

Gang members have status, the means, the money and the influence to make peoples lives very difficult indeed, and they do. One of our team was arrested for ‘harassing’ an alleged child rapist and drug dealer who impregnated an underage child.

So for all the pressure our investigation has brought to Telford and it’s well established and known child rape gang, the very first arrest on the back of the pressure we have brought, is one of our team investigating the alleged wrongdoers.

He had all of his equipment seized from him, including his vehicle, then he was bailed. His bail conditions meant he was no longer allowed to be anywhere near Telford, if he was ever to be seen again in the Telford/Shropshire area, he would be rearrested and most likely be given a custodial sentence.

Meanwhile, an alleged well known drug dealer, child rapist (who impregnated a minor) was left to run free around the Telford and Shropshire area ‘hassle free’, free to carry on with his life while ruining others.

That is the state of ‘policing’ and ‘justice’ in Telford, which gives us an idea as to why these child raping monsters get away with their criminality.



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