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Ukraine Proxy War – Not Our War!

Not Our War

Our good friend, colleague and contributor Danny Roscoe went to the Royal Albert Hall with some friends to demonstrate against the British governments involvement in the Ukraine war.

People in the UK are suffering a cost of living crisis, a fuel crisis, a food crisis, and yet the British government is using British taxpayers money to fund the war in Ukraine, a war that has nothing to do with us, a war that has nothing to do with NATO, a war that has nothing to do with anything apart from bringing us closer to world war 3 and the potential of a nuclear holocaust.

While British citizens are living rough on the streets, while they are literally choosing between heating and eating, Danny asks the relevant questions, including why our government is training and arming a neo Nazi battalion in Ukraine – Azov.

Whilst we do sympathise with innocent Ukrainians dragged into this conflict, we wonder why our government seems so eager to finance a western proxy war with Russia over the health and wellbeing of it’s own desperate citizens, people who are struggling to survive on a daily basis.

The many billions of pounds pumped into this war could have helped lift British people out of poverty, but instead the money was used to further escalate tensions with a nuclear power with the largest amount of nuclear warheads.

There’s only one winner in this conflict, and that’s the military industrial complex.

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