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Lessons from Candle Smoke

Note: Yes, I self-reference a lot in this essay.  I write a lot.  If you want to write too, contact Urban Scoop.  I’m sure they’d love other cogent authors.  And I’d like to read other authors’ viewpoints, even if they differ from mine.

Back when I was in college chaos theory was all the rage.  People had pictures of Mandelbrot sets on calendars, on posters, even on greeting cards.  Another example of chaos in a system that was given was a pillar of candle smoke.  In a still-air classroom the teacher would have a lit candle, and then would blow it out.  After a moment’s jumble the smoke would rise – in the classroom it was multiple inches – in a straight and linear column.

But then, suddenly, it would dissolve into a jumbled mess.  The teacher pointed out that even though there were changes happening in the column thanks to chaos slowly developing, the effects were not visible until suddenly the changes accumulating passed some threshold and became overwhelmingly visible.  Suddenly, like an exponential curve exploding upwards once it passed the Y-axis moving from left to right after – from negative infinity to near-zero, doing nothing visible.

Thresholds.  Limits.  Like a physics teacher once asked in class, “How do you know you’ve reached a limit”?  Baffled, we had no idea.  “You don’t – you know when you’ve exceeded a limit”.

I’ve written about the coming avalanche, and how I believe it has already started – even if only mentally (links and formatting in the original):

We have suffered patiently and been called every name under the sun for it, rising to a long train of abuses and usurpations.  For opposing the Anointed Intellects of the Left, for rejecting their anticipated utopia, we must be expunged… from our jobs, from our communities, even from our own families.

We have pleaded.  We write letters to the editor, we petition our elected officials from town school boards to Senators & Congressmen.  We vote only to have the votes counted by those who follow Stalin’s (alleged) dictum.  We organize rallies and file lawsuits, and none have any real effect no matter the topic.  We have inflation, we have the destruction of our energy independence, we have another Democrat-created military loss, we have our allies betrayed & our enemies aided, our leaders corrupt beyond measure, we have regulatory agencies passing laws taking private property, we have lawlessness with assaults on people & property and the police stand by and do nothing… again, the list is infinite.

And in closing that essay (link in the original):

I keep looking for a good solution that prevents this.  I see none.  Focus and save what you can.  Yourself, your family, your community, and as much knowledge as you can to rebuild afterward.  We’re out of hills to fall back to and there is no voting our way out of this.  Hashem help us all.

Also, see Things Fall Apart… With A New Cartoon “Getting Ready for the Spicy” and Things Fall Apart 2.

Lessons from Candle Smoke

Let me be as clear as humanly possible: I am not advocating for violence.  I am not recommending courses of action.  I am sounding, as loudly as possible, a claxon for all – especially those in power – who will hear the warning in JFK Jr’s words and in that warning understand that there is a limit beyond which The Peoples of the world cannot be pushed without pushing back:

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

I keep saying ALAS.  I keep saying, over and over, I DO NOT WANT VIOLENT REVOLUTION.  I just want to raise my kids, bring them up to be good people carrying on my values.  I want them to be strongly religious – and they’re certainly doing better than I did at their age, saying the Shema at bedtime, (sometimes) remembering to say their prayers over foods, and so on.  My younger kid even said that the other day, on their own, they said Modeh Ani, the morning prayer.  In my youth we never lit Shabbat candles; we do, and we just sent the savings of the charity box we have to a local charity.  I want to see them grow up strong and proud and true, and continue that on to their own children.  I just transcribed the entirety of this Ayn Rand essay on the importance of individualism to my journal for my kids.

Not huge asks, I think, just to be left alone, just to raise my children to carry on my traditions and values – is that so much to ask?  To be able to go out, have fun with my family and friends, to go shopping, to go pray, etc., without harassment or worry of being harrangued or threatened or anything?  As have countless generations before in Western society?  Beware, Globalists, when we come to understand we have nothing left to lose.

Lessons from Candle Smoke
We just want to be left alone.

For people who see they have nothing left to lose become very dangerous people…


I’ve prophesized dire things as people have a preference cascade in understanding just how many people have been harmed, if not outright murdered, by The Jab.  Hundreds of thousands dead, millions injured and crippled.  And nothing happens.

Consider people protesting the possible hinderance of their “right” to dismember an infant in human sacrifice with no anesthetic abortion.  Satanists are openly saying that abortion is their sacrament – we’re back to Moloch.

Lessons from Candle Smoke
Child sacrifice

Now consider that protesting at a judge’s homes is a felony in the US.  Will anyone actually go to jail for this?  I’ll bet NO.  Or that – despite Dinesh D’Souza’s incredible movie 2000 Mules – I’ll bet money nobody goes to jail for this.  Not. One. Person.  And don’t even get me on the whole Russia collusion fraud – nobody’s going to jail.  Not Her Heinous the Crone of Chappaqua nor anyone else.  Not. One. Person.  Same for the Epstein Island victims’ rapists – Maxwell may be in jail, and IMHO her suicide note is already drafted somewhere – but not one actual customer has gone to jail either.  Nor will they.

Listen to this part of the Jesse Kelly show – podcast – about how the rules of society have changed.

Again and again, I say this: This is how Rome fell.  When the average Roman finally understood how corrupt-to-the-bone the Rome they knew, loved, and would have fought and died to protect had become, they turned inward towards their community and even closer to their families… no longer willing to fight or die for that greater entity now that they understood that greater entity no longer represented them or their values.

I’ve talked about finding your inner steel, and getting ready for what’s coming as this nation falls apart.  For I truly do not believe that the Union, as it stood, can be saved.  Nor, more broadly, Western Civilization.  I wish this weren’t so, but I am not alone in this:

People say there is nothing to save of these United States and that we should just Balkanize. Great, how does that happen peacefully? You think this out of control Deep State is just going to let us go off do as we please without a fight?

Our country is no more. There is no saving it. There is no restoring it.  Our current overlords stole the power they currently have, the whole world knows it and yet we do nothing. They are actively trying to kill us through their “vaccine’s” and bioweapons and yet we do nothing.

Prepare while you can.

Lessons from Candle Smoke
Get ready for the spicey.


There’s a meme, I think it was from the original Frozen movie – at least that’s first time I ever saw it:

Did I say that out loud?

Some – and I won’t repeat them here for fear of getting Urban Scoop into trouble – are saying some should-be-quiet things very much out loud, and very explicitly.  Meanwhile, again, I don’t want this.  I want so hard to believe that there has to be a good way forward.  With every fiber of my being I want there to be a better way.  But when using my words to the best of my ability ends up with meh no matter what

I’m becoming more and more terrified of conversations that I have with people who say MEH to everything. MEH to the ever-clearer dangers of the Jab, MEH to inflation and/or recession, MEH to the possibility of WWIII, MEH to the clear and present threat of a nascent “Ministry of Truth”, MEH to the possibility of food shortages, MEH to the threat of an EMP or calamitous cyber-attack on power and other infrastructure, MEH to the WEF / WHO takeover of America (or any other country), MEH to the implications of open borders with the flood of illegals coming in, and broadly MEH to anything that might disturb their view that the world is calm.

If peoples around the world protesting in monstrous-big numbers and the pols say meh… then, per T.S. Eliot, the world ends not with a bang but a whimper, then freedom ends not with outrage, but with meh.  Or, at least, meh before the fecal matter hits the air motivator.

The march for the total surveillance state proceeds apace.  We are being pushed towards surveillance entire, of our finances, of our very bodies.  If He tallies the fall of every sparrow, then the ambitions of the Globalists are envious of that for they want nothing to happen without their panopticon seeing it whether in our commerce or even under our skin.

And the vast majority don’t bat an eye.  It’s for convieeeeenience.  It’s for saaaaaafety.  Face it, the vast majority of people in our society will deny what’s coming… until they’re starving or herded into a cattle car.  I am at the point where I am starting triage: people who don’t see the clear evidence piled to the heavens before them are past saving.  Now understand, stated ad nauseum, I wish it weren’t so.  I wish they’d all wake up.  But Yuri B. was right, they won’t see, and I cannot be in a position as the one able swimmer amongst a dozen who can’t swim, and who will pull me down in a desperate effort to save themselves when they realize the riptide has got them.

“Never underestimate the power of the human mind to believe what it wants to believe, no matter the conflicting evidence.”
― Brian Herbert, House Harkonnen

I’m down just about 40 pounds.  In talking with my Rabbi recently he remarked that I’m not just slimmer, but looking fitter.  I’m trying to exercise even though time is at a premium in my life (good book on body weight exercises here).  As soon as school is over I’m getting the kids back to the gun range, and buying their-sized firearms.  A rifle.  A pistol.  And practice practice practice.  Me too.

We’re rising along that pillar of smoke, and we’re about at the jumble as it collapses into chaos.

Hold what you’ve got.  Be ready to fight for it.  For there is good in this world and it’s worth fighting for.


I see it every day whenever my kids look at me and call me “Daddy” or say “I love you”.  I hear it when they say the Shema with me every night, or when they touch our Mezuzah as we go out the door, or when – at a sporting event – I see them putting their hands on their hearts for the Star-Spangled Banner… (excellent video, 11:38).

I’ll fight for that and their future, though it cost me my life.  And I fear it will.


And while I still despair that my… our… future can be peaceful, take joy in small moments.  As does this guy.

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